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shanine bartlett

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creative commercial photographer


I am a south based photographer currently working as a studio assistant for a company based in Plymouth. I also do freelance work in a creative story telling genre with narrative set ups to tell a story or feeling, this is with both portraits and products or a mixture of both. This has led me to work with a range of clients and companies in the south west area.  

With my personal work, I do editorial portraits or environmental portraits. This is something I have enjoyed for many years. I have become interested in looking at visual trends and seeing what is popular. This led me into adding illustrations to my work and something I have continued on doing with my personal work. My style has developed over the years to now being more situated around narratives and creating quirky set ups to show this with products, often looking at juxtaposition, personification and humor 

I have always had a passion for creativity and after studying art for many years. After finishing GCSE found photography as an A level option and instantly became interested in photography where I studied an art-based photography course in Dorset. This led me into looking more commercial based and applying to Plymouth college of art. I studied my Bachelor of Art in Commercial Photography at Plymouth College of Art. Where I was mainly a product and portrait photographer but also had opportunity to experience other aspects of photography. Here I gained  knowledge of industry equipment and software. This led me to get full time job as a studio assistant whilst still experimenting with my passion of narratives whilst having the opportunity to still work with clients.


If you have a project you would like to discuss message me! 


Sophie Emmerson - 2021 -present
Zoe Brookes - 2019 - Present 
Dream boats - 2018 - present



Interdisciplinary- 2019
Sixth form end of year show - 2018 

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